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A Data Center Partner Like No Other

The awesome people from Sidus Group help you design the right solutions for your business. We consider the entire process from design through support and we stand behind our products 24 hours a day every day – no exceptions.



We have the uptime that makes you say ‘that can’t be right’. 10 years, 2 customer impacting events. That’s good math right there. Can Amazon and Azure say that? Nope.


When was the last time a data center audited your services at contract renewal to tell you about both the services you need AND the ones you do not need. We do it all time. Transparency – it’s baked into our culture.


True partners design the box you need. We don’t say ‘here’s the closest box we have’. We say ‘we’re all smart people, let’s just design a better box’. You could say we’re problem solvers.

North America

Sidus Group currently operates data centers in the following North American locations:

Data Centers

Partner Network

Partner Network

Sidus Group maintains a partner network of facilities we help support:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Washington DC Metro Area (Northern Virginia)

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Contact Sidus Group today to learn more about our Sidus Group data centers as well as Colocation Services. Sidus Group also specializes in Cloud Platforms and Managed IT Services to strengthen your IT infrastructure.