Managed Services

Maximize your IT budget and staff by offloading routine IT functions to Sidus Group. Our managed IT services are tailored to relieve increasingly burdened IT staff from the routine, non-revenue generating tasks they often find themselves burdened in performing.

Choose from a menu of fully integrated Managed IT Service solutions that can be used to completely outsource critical applications or complement existing internal systems and IT resources.

For more information about Sidus Group’s Managed Services Platform, email Sales@Sidus


Managed hosting services from Sidus Group have been designed to deliver maximum value and performance for businesses that need high quality managed hosting.

Whether your business needs a simple managed hosting solution with a single dedicated server or has a multi-layer, complex managed hosting design with application and database servers, Sidus Group has the experience to deliver reliability and performance for your project.

Managed hosting with Sidus Group starts with a consultation with a sales team member to understand the managed hosting needs of your business in order to design a solution of services to meet your project goals. Managed hosting services are designed using only the best components available:

> Intel multi-core processors
> RAID with every server
> Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server
> Premium, multi-carrier bandwidth

Your managed web hosting solution will then be custom built and configured by a highly trained team of engineers and technicians. A dedicated project manager will ensure that your solution is delivered on time and correctly provisioned.

Ongoing support will be provided by Sidus Group’ certified technical support and engineering team. To ensure that you have access to assistance when you need it, we have made our support options available via the web and toll free phone 24x7x365.

Hosting is served from one of our SAS 70 Type II compliant facilities equipped with redundant network, high security, redundant power and 24×7 on site staffing.


Exchange Hosting from Sidus Group is a cost-effective solution for any organization needing advanced messaging tools without big IT costs.

Now any size business can compete with large enterprises by enabling their employees to communicate, and collaborate with the ease of shared Exchange hosting starter plans or the scalability and power of a dedicated Microsoft Exchange Server.

Anywhere you can imagine keeping in touch, Exchange Hosting from Sidus Group can make it a reality. Share your contacts, calendar, notes, email and more through shared folders, to access the things you need most.

If you are looking for a reliable email management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, then hosted exchange is right for you. Businesses and individuals choose Sidus Group Microsoft Exchange hosting solution for the reasons of cost, convenience, reliability, productivity enhancing features, and excellent support.


Managed Desktop Services (MDS) is a predictable, cost-contained approach to fully managing your complex desktop support requirements without costly IT personnel or infrastructure investments.

MDS provides remote problem resolution to your end users via our corporate service desk, diagnostic triage in situations that require it, and onsite support and repair to users in your or your customers corporate, remote, and home office environments as needed.

For Outsourcers and Resellers: Our Managed Desktop Service approach is an opportunity to provide a total business solution for your small to medium size business customers. Managed Desktop Service (MDS) provides comprehensive support to businesses that do not have or cannot afford an IT department. As a total package or as components, MDS may be sold by resellers and outsourcers to augment direct sales revenue.

For Enterprise: Managed Desktop Service (MDS) provides comprehensive support to businesses that do not have or cannot afford an IT department. Our MDS capability will help you cost effectively maximize the availability and performance of selected third-party equipment and assist in deployments of new or refreshed IT resources to reduce your capital and infrastructure costs, and simplify your business processes.


Having mission-critical servers located in our world-class facilities is only half the battle. In order to keep your data secure, Sidus Group offers numerous managed security solutions to ensure constant uptime and continuous protection against malicious activity.

A dedicated firewall ensures that hackers and Internet worms are stopped before they reach your server. Sidus Group security engineers work around the clock to ensure that your firewall is properly maintained. In addition, security analysts work closely with your team to ensure that the right security posture is executed so that your business functions remain fluid while hackers and internet worms are kept at bay.

Firewalls managed by Sidus Group are continually monitored and adjusted to account for any and all business needs, including:

> New application traffic
> Updated IDS (intrusion detection) filters
> New VPN connections
> Malicious traffic detection and mitigation

Each Sidus Group firewall deployment is custom tailored to your specific needs and is dedicated entirely to your operating environment


Designed for the needs of today’s data driven businesses, our managed backup service has been tailored to deliver security, performance and scalability to your business.

Managed by professional backup engineers, we backup data to our SAS 70 Type II Compliant facilities using highly reliable disk based backup. Disk based backup provides significant gains over traditional tape backup by eliminating the possibility of lost or corrupted tapes and increasing the speed and reliability of data transfer.

Data is seamlessly protected from your environment over a private, VLAN isolated network ensuring data privacy and integrity is maintained from start to finish.

You will get the following with our managed backup service:

> Customizable data rules – backup only the data you want
> Disk based backup – eliminate the chances of lost or destroyed tape media
> 2 week default retention schedule
> Windows, Linux, Unix OS supported
> Live database backups – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server supported
> Daily performance reporting


Sidus Group’ managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure tunnel that protects your data from malicious users and identity thieves.

With a VPN solution, your data is encrypted between the origin and recipient. This secure “tunnel” protects your data from malicious users and identity thieves that are always on the lookout for unprotected information.

There are two types of managed VPN solutions to meet your business needs:

Client-based VPN: Using an installed software agent, each workstation or laptop connects to the VPN tunnel individually. Can be used over most Internet-enabled networks and is a perfect solution for mobile workers.

Site-to-Site VPN: Router to router VPN solution. This type of VPN provides a constant VPN connection for an entire site, usually a branch or remote office. It is not mobile and does not follow laptops or workstations to other locations.


Sidus Group can monitor nearly any service on any platform to ensure optimal functionality of your systems and network devices.

Our robust monitoring platform is built upon industry-standard software to provide accurate and instantaneous notification to the Network Operations Center staff that diligently manage notifications and alerts. We monitor systems proactively to avoid service-impacting downtime by checking system compliance from multiple Sidus Group data centers.

Sidus Groups monitoring and response is different from competitors solutions for many reasons, most importantly being the instant attention given to each and every situation that may arise. Sidus Group 24/7 on-site engineers immediately contact individuals as specified and follow detailed pre-arranged workflows to isolate, contain, and restore service back to normal.

We practice what we preach: the system monitoring architecture that we employ to manage thousands of systems and network points of presence for the Sidus Group family of companies is the same architecture we leverage for our customers.


The high-performance, no-maintenance Hosted PBX solution that gives your business a competitive edge. Sidus Group Voice as a Service (VaaS) delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system, without the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX.

Lower Start-up Costs and Monthly Savings: No PBX equipment to buy or lease. No maintenance contracts or fees for account changes. All you need are IP Phones and a voice gateway connected to your modem or router.

Flexible Calling Plan Options: Choose from a range of calling and long distance plans. Select a different long distance plan for each employee or share minutes company-wide.

Work Smarter with Advanced Features: Flexible features save time and improve communication with customers and colleagues. Easy-to-use features include: Remote Office for mobile and virtual workers; Voicemail as Email; Find Me/Follow Me; and many more.

Voice Quality: Because we have full control over the network, Sidus Group is able to prioritize voice from end-to-end. That means that unlike other providers, we can provide Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure crystal-clear call quality.

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